Master Chefs Unveiled

Dive into the world of gastronomy with our lineup of professional chefs. Each one brings a treasure trove of experience from the world's top kitchens, ready to elevate your cooking skills to new heights.

Explore Dynamic Global Culinary Classes

Get hands-on with cooking and discover the flavors of different food cultures.

Chef Georgios

is a Michelin-trained chef with over 13 years of global experience and a personal catering business. Awarded as the “25 Best Hidden Gems in the World for 2018” by OpenTable.

Chef Ariel

thrives on creating soulful, personalized dining experiences as a personal chef, with a recent shift towards embracing and specializing in plant-based cuisine.

Chef Stefan,

a distinguished Pastry Chef at a top 5-star UK hotel, excels in crafting exquisite desserts. Known for his engaging video tutorials on 'Stef the Pastry Chef' YouTube channel.

Chef Mayte,

with a background in Mexican restaurant kitchens and culinary school, shares her passion globally through online cooking classes, highlighting cooking's power to connect people worldwide.

Chef Lujain,

a successful food entrepreneur and educator from India, imparts her knowledge and passion to budding cooks through virtual baking classes.

Chef Ivan

combines a culinary degree with family-taught skills, excelling in Mexican avant-garde cuisine and mixology, backed by 13 years of diverse culinary experience.

Home Kitchen Heroes

Our community chefs are the heart and soul of our culinary family. Like a trusted neighbor, they're here to guide you through the joy of cooking, sharing recipes that have been passed down through generations and perfected in home kitchens.

Chef Nahla specializes in Mediterranean cooking from her grandmother.

Chef Luis blends tradition with innovation, transforming his grandmother's Spanish recipes into delightful vegan creations.

Chef Vira excels in traditional Indonesian desserts, blending taste and aesthetics, inspired by her mother.

As a Chef and Ayurveda physician, Dr. Kanika specializes in healthy, kid-friendly recipes, inspired by her own journey with a fussy eater.

Chef Daniel brings the rich flavors of African cuisine to life with his expertise and passion.

Chef Julia, with her roots in an apprenticeship as a pastry chef assistant, specializes in the delicate art of French pastries.

Chef Dickey specializes in Asian fusion cuisine. She believes in infusing every dish with heart and loves to elevate its taste.

Chef Kumar specializes in traditional Indian home cooking, street foods, and restaurant favorites, exploring their origins and sharing classics on social media.

Chef Ma specializes in the rich flavors and traditional dishes of Northern Chinese cuisine.

Chef Kacy is an expert in the bold and spicy flavors of Chinese Sichuan cuisine.

Chef Leslie offers southwestern Chinese cuisine that brings a taste of bold and spice.

Join the Culinary Mosaic

At Fancy & Spicy, we see a chef in everyone. We welcome culinary pros and enthusiasts alike to share their unique flavors and stories. Join us, share your recipe, and enrich our chef family with your culinary passion.


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