We are looking for individuals to join our team as cooking ambassador 


We believe that EVERYONE can cook and have something to share. 

Cooking Ambassadors facilitate a variety of cooking where people learn about different dishes and cultures. Learning is more than taking tests and conjugating verbs.  Cooking on Fancy & Spicy is learning, fun, and delicious.

We welcome individuals who like home cooking and teaching us a dish. No matter whether you are a grandma in Italy, wants to teach us pasta, an uncle in India wants to teach us curry chicken, or a girl in Thailand would like to teach us cashew chicken, we’d love to have you.


☛ Do you like home cooking?

☛ Do you like to teach us how to make your delicious dishes?

☛ Do you want to make extra $$$?

☛ If you answer yes or are curious about how you can do with us, submit a short application form

Is this you?

I have native understanding of a dish and eating culture

☛ I want to share my knowledge and talents

☛ I enjoy working with people

☛ I have a little extra time

☛ I would love to make $$$ doing something fun
☛ If this is you, please don't hesitate to submit your information to us and we will be in touch soon!

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