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Sharing Dim Sum



Like the microwave, ice cream, and so many other good things, Fancy & Spicy came about as a total accident.

While our CEO, Brin Xu, was studying at the University of Maryland, the global pandemic hit. She suddenly had more free time. She started to cook and share dishes from her homeland with friends. They loved it. And so was inspired to write her first cookbook. She began offering online cooking classes, teaching audiences how to cook Chinese Sichuan food via zoom. The response was incredible, so she continued teaching and recruiting other home chefs to teach as well. Within a year, Fancy & Spicy has now grown to a team of home chefs from 10 countries, offering a rich collection of classes each month. 80% of the chefs are minority women. They are empowered to share their cooking, culture, and history through the Fancy & Spicy platform.


When Brin first started cooking to entertain her international student friends, She tried to cook American foods to fit in. But quickly, she realized her friends wanted Chinese food, which many of them grew up on. Indeed, many of her friends who originally came from China have often kept their original eating habits, shopping primarily from Asian groceries. She realized that food is loyal, and emotional, and connects us to our culture and families.

Many of our unforgettable memories are created at the kitchen table. With Fancy & Spicy, finding a unique cooking experience is easier than ever. As the premium provider of online culinary experiences, Fancy & Spicy offers interactive cooking classes that bring you to the origin of the food. With just a few clicks, anyone can book a chef from our menu with dishes from around the globe. Sushi, classic French, Southeast Asian, and more – these are just a few cuisines that you can book through Fancy & Spicy today. From beginner to advanced levels, food lovers can always find their favorite.


Fancy & Spicy provides the chef and ingredients list to ensure an authentic food experience. We call it our authentic Commitment – cultural conservation through exciting education. We are dedicated to bringing you authentic, fun, and educational home cooking experiences.

We invite you to tour our website and know a bit more about our class offerings and chefs. After you log in and place an order, you’ll get a recipe and ingredients shopping list ahead of time. Please feel free to request a customized class if our offerings do not fit your schedule. On the class day, you will cook along with our chefs and learn about their cultural backgrounds. Our small class size guarantees a fully interactive and engaging experience.  Your feedback and review are highly welcomed to better serve you in the future. As much as we’re sure you would love it, we would refund your first class should you not be satisfied.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a class today and learn authentic home cooking from your home kitchens! Hope to see you in our classes soon! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters and get our newest recipes!

CEO of Fancy & Spicy

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Choose any of different culinary experiences.


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Make your payment and have fun cooking with our chefs.

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